Seema Aesthetics

at Synergy Integrated Medical Center on Al Wasl Road, Dubai

Permanent makeup for bald head patches is a treatment that essentially recreates missing hair strands, resulting in a natural, complete finish.

Men and women who are afflicted with bald patches on their heads are ideal candidates for permanent makeup application. The procedure can mean the difference between a lifetime of hat-wearing and the freedom to walk around with an uninhibited scalp.

While many men choose to embrace their baldness, others - especially young men who find they are experiencing an early onset of hair loss - may wish to do something about it. The procedure is also beneficial to men who have undergonehair transplants but seek to enhance their look further.

Similarly, women experiencing female pattern baldness might seek alternative options to medication, wigs, transplants or hairpieces. In such cases, permanent makeup for bald heads is a choice worth considering.

Cancer patients who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy may also benefit from permanent makeup for baldness.