Seema Aesthetics

Immediately after the tattooing process the color will appear very vibrant.  Within a few days the outer layer of the tattooing will exfoliate.  Many times this exfoliation process is inconsistent within the lips.  It is important not to disturb the on-going exfoliation process by picking at portions of the lip that have not begun this process.  After approximately a week, the majority of the residual lip tattooing has exfoliated off the entire lip area.  The lips are somewhat tender and often remain that way to the touch for several weeks.  This is why it is recommended to wait a minimum of six to eight weeks before the follow up procedure.  Within this waiting period the lips will appear different.  They may take on a “frosty” appearance for a few days off and on.  They may appear more vibrant if the body is unusually warm (as an example after a warm shower.)  Conversely they may appear duller if the body is unusually cool (as an example if you live in an area that has a cold climate or on a ski trip, etc.) Within the six-eight week period the lip color settles in and the color seen is the final color resulting from the lip tattoo process. 

at Synergy Integrated Medical Center on Al Wasl Road, Dubai